Professional Corporate Photography 

We bring the studio to you! We use the same high-quality lighting and equipment that we use in the studio, ensuring exceptional results for your corporate photography needs. Whether you need photos of people, products, places, or projects, we can provide on-location services tailored to your requirements.


Travel and Equipment fee – $250

Professional Headshots – $250 for the first person, and then $125 per person, minimum 10 people.

Call for customized quote if less than 10 people.

Corporate Photography:  On-Location at Your Business

We turn your office into a studio! We can provide headshot photography, corporate photography, product photography, and candid/office photography at your location.


Call to discuss details and schedule your session.


Come in to work, and we will take care of the rest!


Choose your final images from a proof gallery, and we will retouch them and send them back to you.

Get professional photos of People, Products, and Places, all in the same session!

Benefits include:

  • Convenience for your employees
  • Consistency for your brand
  • Group rates
  • Ability to add on office photos or team photos
  • Fast turnaround time on photo delivery

Recent Projects


Headshots on location at Lifebrand

Enstar Group

Headshots on location in Philadelphia


How do we make sure we have a successful On-Location Business Branding & Headshots Photoshoot?

Choose a background color to use universally across all of your employees’ headshots. Most companies choose white, gray, blue, or black, or a blurred environmental background.

Decide if you want each person to be facing directly at the camera, turned slightly with one shoulder forward, or another specific pose.
Communicate to your employees what level of dress is required for their photoshoot. Is a suit and tie / formal dress required? Let them know. Does your company have more casual attire? Suggest polos and blouses. Choose which best reflects your company’s image and brand, and request that your team dresses to match.

Let your employees know that they will each receive a wide range of photos from which they can choose their final image(s)! This is not like school photo day. I will spend time with each person and show them the images in real-time so they will feel confident that we have captured their best images. Each person will have multiple images to choose from after the shoot, and all final images will be professionally retouched.

What if one of our employees needs to be absent the day of the shoot?

Send them to my studio! I will make sure their photo is consistent with those taken onsite at your business.

What are your group rates?
  • $250 for the first person
  • $125 for each additional person
  • $250 travel and equipment fee
  • This includes the shoot itself, a proof gallery for each person to choose their final images from, and 1 final high resolution digital image per person.
  • Product, office, and candid photos are priced separately. I can provide you with a quote.
What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit, Check, or EFT

What is the turnaround time for images?

Proof galleries will be available within a few days. Then, the sooner you choose the photos, the sooner I retouch and send them back to you. I will work with you on your timelines.

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