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Investing in a high quality, professional headshot is an investment in your personal brand.  What is your headshot saying about you? 

People are meeting you virtually before they ever meet you in person, and judging for themselves whether you look professional, credible, or trustworthy.


Confidence? Approachability? Professionalism?


A professional headshot presents a professional appearance and is an investment in both your present and future. You only have one chance to make that first impression! First impressions are crucial to making that business deal, getting that gig, or meeting that special someone.

Professional Headshots 

Your headshot session includes:

  • 30-minute studio or outdoor / on-location headshot session
  • Multiple Backgrounds
  • Multiple Looks
  • Coaching and Consultation
  • Live review of images
  • Online proof gallery (have friends and family vote on their favorite images of you!)
  • 2 final high-resolution retouched digital images of your choice
  • Option to purchase additional images
  • Same day service available


Flexible scheduling and pre-shoot consultation.


It’s photoshoot time! Feel free to bring multiple outfits to see what photographs best.


Choose your finals at the end of your session, and they will be retouched and sent back to you.


What should I wear/bring to my headshot session?

Dress for the “part” you are trying to “play”. If you are a doctor, consider a lab coat or suit jacket/blazer. Lawyers, real estate agents, and financial advisors should also consider this more formal look. If your profession has a more relaxed dress code, a button-down shirt with or without tie for men, and a nice blouse for women usually works well. And if you are in a more creative field, you can go even more casual.

Keep jewelry simple and to a minimum. Small or stud earrings work well, and simple necklaces. We want to keep the focus on YOU, and large jewelry can be distracting to your viewer. Large statement pieces tend to go out of style more quickly, dating your headshots. And we want to make sure your headshot has longevity.

Wear makeup as you normally would. My lights are extremely flattering to skin and will not wash you out. If you have skin imperfections you wish to cover up, you do not need to wear heavy concealer or foundation. I will be retouching your final choices and I will take care of anything you want removed! Mascara, lip color, and eyeliner are a nice touch without looking overly made up. However, what is most important is that you look like yourself.

What should I NOT worry about on headshot day?

I always say that everyone wakes up with a pimple on photo day. This is absolutely nothing to worry about, because I will take care of that little nuisance during retouching. Please also do not worry about things like red skin, skin imperfections, not-enough-sleep-dark-circles-because-we-are-all-too-crazy-busy, or lint on your clothing. I’ve got you covered for all of these.

Can I take a good quality professional-looking headshot with my phone?

Of course you can. Mobile phones take beautiful photos, especially now that they have portrait lenses included.

But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. A professional headshot photographer will design the lighting to create the most flattering look. A headshot photographer will make subtle angle changes, obtain a range of expressions, put you on the right background color, and do any retouching that is necessary. Phones are great, but if you want a truly professional photo, one that shows that you chose to invest in your present and future, then find a professional headshot photographer.

How often should I update my headshot photo?

I know that after investing in a photoshoot, you want those photos to last forever. And technically they will! However I recommend that you update your headshot photo at least once every 1-2 years, and even more often if you are regularly changing your “look”.

New glasses? New headshot. New hairstyle or color? New Headshot.

People are meeting you through your photos before they ever meet you in person, especially recruiters or agents. You absolutely need to look like YOU NOW, not you last year or five years ago. Or ten. First impressions matter, and your headshot is your first impression. Let’s make it a good one.

What about black and white headshots? Is that a thing?

In a word – yes! Black and white headshots add some creative and dramatic flair! Plus it feels a little retro, a little fancy, and a little professional all at once.

I studied black and white film photography first, back in my darkroom days, so black and white photos will always have a special place in my heart. Another benefit to a black and white headshot photo is that you will set yourself out of the crowd a bit because most other people will choose color. Black and white works especially well for creative types, like authors and artists!

Where Can I Find Headshots Near Me?

Your awesome new headshots are waiting for you right here in Exton!

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